Healing with Reflexology

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the study of how organs and other areas of the body relate directly to specific pressure points in the hands and feet. By applying pressure to these points, the body responds by relaxing and releasing built-up tension.

While there is no one theory for how this works, the consensus is that reflexology stimulates the central nervous system, which allows for better circulation of blood, oxygen, and energy throughout the body, and it creates the perfect ambiance for the body to focus its energies on healing from pain, discomfort, illness, and disease.

Reflexology does not claim to cure disease, but considering that stress is a contributing factor to nearly 80% of all illness and disease, a practice like reflexology that targets the accumulation of stress in the body creates a healing environment within the body.

Please join me for Healing with Reflexology, on Thursday, December 15th and time] to find out how reflexology can benefit you.

What to Expect

During this webinar, we will be taking a look at the reflexology maps for both the hands and the feet and the connecting body map to best understand how reflexology works.

From there, I will discuss some of the effects of stress and how reflexology works to relieve tension and stagnant energy, in addition to the benefits for pain management and relief for injury and chronic pain.

The discussion will include a what-to-expect guide for those seeking first-time treatment, including in-session and after-session reactions to reflexology. I will also be offering videos demonstrating some typical reflexology techniques, as well as some tips to help self-treat with specific pressure point instructions.

Hosted by:

Dr. Michelle Gamble, DN

Benefits of Coming

By taking a deliberate aim at relieving pain, discomfort, and stress with this holistic, medicine-free practice, you create an environment in your body that induces a calm, relaxed state to promote healing.

Reflexology is a beneficial treatment for everyone, from an infant to a person in the late stages of life, and this webinar will demonstrate how you can benefit with your specific needs and concerns.

Can’t Wait To Share With You On Thursday, December 15th At 5:00 pm EST!