The Autoimmune Matrix

Common Misconceptions of Autoimmunity

#1: Autoimmune diseases cannot be reversed.

While genes do come into play with autoimmune diseases, we also have control over how our genes are expressed. According to the field of epigenetics, our environment, lifestyle choices, and dietary habits, all can turn on certain genes that can cause the development of autoimmune complications. Therefore, research has proven that autoimmune diseases can indeed be reversed with the proper gene expression.

#2: Autoimmune diseases are a product of your genes, not your environment.

Research has supported that environmental factors are responsible for autoimmune diseases. Many things such as climate, toxin exposure, infections, and poor diets can all contribute to the onset of autoimmunity.

#3: Medication is required for any relief.

Although conventional medicine believes the only true weapon against autoimmunity is drugs, research has shown that there are many effective, alternative treatments. These include, but are not limited to, dietary changes, supplementation, and stress management.

#4: Gut health is unrelated to immune health.

A large majority of the immune system is found in the gut! To think of these two health concerns as separate entities is a serious flaw in the conventional medical model used today. In short, to heal the immune system, you must heal the gut.

#5: Dietary changes make no difference once you have an autoimmune disorder.

Dietary changes that benefit your gastrointestinal health provide a multitude of benefits for your immune system. Ignoring this fact is irresponsible for the efforts of treating autoimmunity.

#6: Autoimmune complications guarantee a poor quality of life.

While many autoimmune diseases do have complications that one may experience regularly, it does not mean overall poor quality of life is synonymous with autoimmune conditions. In fact, with the proper treatment and maintenance regimens, many of this complication can subside (or disappear completely) and therefore, you are NOT doomed to poor quality of life as you may have been led to believe.

#7: It is impossible to alter your immune function.

The current medical approach to autoimmune disease is masking the symptoms and suppressing the immune system. With this method, it is no surprise that many believe these diseases are beyond our control. However, with the proper protocol of addressing your chemical, physical, and emotional health, you can alter your immune function in your favor. Treatment is possible when treatment is functional!

Why Is This Important?

Health is represented in different forms such as chemical, physical, and emotional, and i is imperative to address all of these simultaneously to achieve optimal health. However, this is ignored in the current medical model used today. Fortunately, the field of functional medicine closes these gaps and directs patients to truly achieve and sustain wellness.

This is especially apparent with autoimmune diseases as any of these diseases have been written off as something beyond our control even though research supports that most of these complications are results of lifestyle choices. These findings have completely flipped the perspective of those suffering from helpless to empowered to take on the fight against autoimmunity!

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