You Are Invited To A Special Webinar -Optimize Health with Blood Glucose and Ketone Testing

STOP Guessing about your health

On Thursday, October 15 at 7pm, Keto-Mojo! Founder, Dorian Greenow will talk about how cutting edge technology delivers data-driven results and why you should test, not guess!

A ketogenic diet is specific; the entire point is to eat foods that get you into ketosis and keep you there. But it’s not just eating keto-friendly foods that influences your ketone levels. The amount of food you eat and your specific reactions to foods and activities can affect your ketone levels and blood-glucose levels, which in turn can affect your success with ketosis. This means you can be doing everything “right” and still struggle to reach the levels of ketosis you desire. The only way to find out is to test your ketone levels. 

Monitoring your ketones gives you insight into how your body is responding. It also gives you clues and opportunity to adjust your diet a little more. Perhaps you want to tweak you carbs or you want to  identify trigger foodsTesting allows you to see how minor adjustments affect your results and allows you the capability to discover which foods have the most impact on your ketone levels, good and bad. Or perhaps you want to see how your ketone levels respond to various stimuli, such as exercising or eating a specific type of keto-friendly sugar. Again, the only way to find out is to test. 

You can not afford to miss this revealing and empowering webinar.


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