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Don’t Forget dōTERRA® Essential Oils on Your Back to School Checklist

One of my absolute joys is sharing the purest essential oils and blends with parents who want to prepare their children with the greatest chances to live a lifestyle filled with health and vitality.

Children who are in school face an abundance of stresses including homework, germs, bullying, busy schedules, distractions, friends, detention, cafeteria food, etc., and each of these stresses has an impact on your child’s ability to concentrate, socialize, and stay healthy.

It is clear that parents want one thing - HAPPY AND HEALTHY CHILDREN - but unfortunately, this is often difficult to achieve.

We try our best, do the research, and follow what we are told, but our children are just children and this means that they tend to dance to the beat of their own drums.

If you have the burning desire to support the wellbeing of your children, then I highly encourage you to join me on Monday, August 2nd at 7:00 pm EDT for a webinar where you will learn how to incorporate essential oils into your child’s lifestyle so that they can access the mind, body, and spiritual benefits of nature’s greatest gift.

An Oily Child is a Happy Child

Kids absolutely love using essential oils!

This is not like convincing them to eat vegetables, hydrate regularly, or to avoid processed foods. Once parents bring oils into their home, they almost always notice their children seeking out their favorite blends and diffusing and using them regularly.

But it all starts with you as the parent.

You need to become informed so that you only bring the purest oils into your home, optimize their utilization, and then share them with your kids.

At Back to School Essentials, I am going to expose you to my top oils for children, the most effective method of application, and some fun ideas to make oils memorable for your family.

Please join me for an experience that is guaranteed to educate and inspire you.

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Sankofa Healing and Enrichment, Inc

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