The Power of Plants

What’s Your Relationship With Plants?

Our reliance on and relationship with plants spans thousands of years. Science can finally help us see how powerful they are when it comes to our wellness, well-being, and survival.

Plants are most widely known for their nourishing properties and relation to health. They play an essential role in our diets, have also been used medicinally throughout history, and even today, many pharmaceuticals are based on plant compounds. But that’s not all! Plants also play a dominant role in our mental health.

I invite you to join me for The Power of Plants on Monday, May 29th at 6:00 pm CDT to learn more about the incredible benefits of plants on our overall well-being.

During this experience for plant novices, I’ll provide a brief history of the significance of plants. I’ll also discuss the importance of plant-based diets as well as the many mental health symptoms that can be reduced by plants found in nature.

Meet Dr. Michelle Gamble, DN, The Facilitator of The Power of Plants

DR. MICHELLE GAMBLE, DN is an author, educator, mentor, and speaker who specializes in assisting persons with chronic illness to heal themselves so they can break free from pain and frustration and live with power, protection, promise, purpose, promise, prosperity, and peace. She has been a professional educator for over 25 years and a natural health care provider for over 15 years.

More importantly, she has assisted many people in transforming their health and becoming empowered from previous dependency upon drugs, surgeries, and other medical disease management interventions. Her revolutionary message is: All people have a divine healer within who can break free from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain and suffering to lead happy, healthy, and purpose-driven lives

Dr. Michelle is also the mother of five children. She travels globally and around the country speaking and consulting with individuals and groups.

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Science Backs the Benefits

Are you familiar with horticultural therapy? This is just one of the many ways plants can help improve our physical wellness and mental well-being.

Horticultural therapy is a professional practice that uses plants and gardening to improve mental and physical health. Throughout the last century, scientists have explored the benefits of plants beyond nutrition. During The Power of Plants, I’ll shed light on a few significant findings within the field of horticulture therapy so that you can start reaping the benefits at home!

From reducing blood pressure to elevating mood, plants have a role to play in every aspect of our health and well-being. Live plants signal the presence of a life-supporting environment and encourage human growth and development in numerous ways.

If you’re ready to learn more, don’t miss out on The Power of Plants!

Can’t Wait To Share With You On Monday, May 29th At 6:00 pm CDT!