Winter Essentials

A Wonderland of Essential Oils!

I am beyond excited to invite you to my next webinar, Winter Essentials, on Monday, January 3rd at 7:00 pm EST which will be your chance to learn everything you need to know about incorporating essential oils into your daily life this winter.

I’ll be sharing a wide array of information about essential oils including various applications, sourcing guidelines, and even popular DIY, diffusers, and cooking recipes perfect for the season!

I assure you that diffusing essential oils is a safe, non-toxic, and therapeutic way to make your home not only smell good but also boost your immune system during the months our bodies need it most.

By joining me on Monday, January 3rd at 7:00 pm EST for Winter Essentials, you’ll get a chance to see what your winter routine has been missing!

Meet Dr. Michelle Gamble, DN, A Wellness Advocate with doTERRA

DR. MICHELLE GAMBLE, DN is an author, educator, mentor, and speaker who specializes in assisting persons with chronic illness to heal themselves so they can break free from pain and frustration and live with power, protection, promise, purpose, promise, prosperity, and peace. She has been a professional educator for over 25 years and a natural health care provider for over 15 years.

More importantly, she has assisted many people in transforming their health and becoming empowered from previous dependency upon drugs, surgeries, and other medical disease management interventions. Her revolutionary message is: All people have a divine healer within who can break free from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain and suffering to lead happy, healthy, and purpose-driven lives

Dr. Michelle is also the mother of five children. She travels globally and around the country speaking and consulting with individuals and groups.

Hosted by:

Dr. Michelle Gamble, DN

What You Can Expect

My primary goal with any of my hosted classes is to make our time together FUN!

I love answering questions, I’m excited about education, and most importantly, I’m extremely passionate about helping people begin to live the essential oils lifestyle.

As you may have started to realize, dōTERRA® essential oils can energize your home via various enlightening and welcoming diffuser blends. Not to mention, you can also imagine giving the impression of being a professional chef by including the perfectly tailored oils into your beloved winter recipes! It’s a win-win!

Each person who uses essential oils has their very own individualized experience and also has the opportunity to learn how to replace toxin-filled fall products with safe and essential DIY alternatives at my upcoming webinar, Winter Essentials.

I hope to see you on Monday, January 3rd at 7:00 pm EST!

Cherish The Season With Essential Oils!